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Girl epically quits her job

When you're in this industry, it is usually ALL about the quantity and rarely about the quality... And this is another reason why I love my job and my boss. Thank goodness all I have to worry about is putting out quality stuff and he rarely (if ever) pays attention to the HOW MANYs involved. This girl is tired of putting out crap to get numbers... so she quits with this video... and it's epic... ...

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Seductive “Air humping” Salsa Grandma

My Grandma dances her ass off at wedding receptions but she never tries to seduce a young man with her moves... I wish she would. Mostly so I could have a video like this... The seductive mating dance starts around one minute.. From Gawker: Now if only everyone had a grandma like this. The highlight is the air humping part. Which I'm sure has an actual name other than air humping. ...

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Bass Brothers: Nothing like a little selfless brotherly love to inspire you

From Gawker: Ten-year-old Tobias Bass has big dreams: He wants to be an Army pastor when he grows up so he can help bring comfort to dying soldiers on the front lines. But little Tobias also has a smaller dream that would mean the world to someone else: His older brother Titus. Titus was born with cerebral palsy, but that hasn't stopped him from his own dreams of participating in a real long-distance race. ...

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Smart animals caught on video

Here's some super smart animals for your enjoyment... This monkey baby-sitter... This Fruit Ninja playing kitten... This upright walking 3 legged bear... This game winning kitty... This door opening cat... This dog that tucks itself in... This escaping dog... And this juggling otter... ...

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